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The Evil Ex And Another Dastardly Deed

I’m telling you my life is insane. It is definitely a case of when it rains, it pours these days. My life is also an experience in extremes. Yesterday, as I’m breathing a sigh of relief that I don’t have to owe any more taxes and will actually be getting a size-able amount back, I get a big fat letter in the mail from the District Attorney’s Office of Child Support. Knowing this is not coming from the Good Ex, I sigh and wonder what The Evil Ex is up to now.

Upon opening the envelope, I discover it is a request to review the child support order, particularly as it pertains to medical coverage of our one joint child. After the initial rush of anxiety that still always overwhelms me when having to deal with this man, I had to wonder what exactly this man is thinking. When we divorced, our support order, like most others was based on income, number of overnights and the number of non-joint children we each had. It also had the standard clause that says we must split any uncovered medical expenses incurred.

There are several particulars in our situation that make it dicey. First off, he has a bunch of kids from a previous marriage I have only three. My income is higher than his, and he gets less than the normally allotted minimum of overnights. These realities, through the state calculator, meant that even though my income was higher and he had more non-joint kids in his favor, I still ended up getting child support.

Here’s where I have to wonder if the guy is completely nuts or not. Most of all his kids are out of the house, and won’t be credited in his favor in the calculations. I, on the other hand, still have all the same children living with me that I had before. He makes as much or more than I do now. I don’t get it. Given that he’s not paying that much for child support now, a thinking person would have said, “I don’t exactly want to risk having them raise my support,” and they would have left well enough alone. Emphasis on “a thinking person.” My ex is clearly not a thinking person. In fact, if left to his own devices, he would probably never deal with anything. The problem is that he has a new wife who now thinks it is her job to meddle. I suspect, he has now run through her money with his careless spending, and she is frustrated now that the bills are mounting up and things are getting tight. In addition, my ex has never once paid the uncovered expenses of anything, let alone, medical expenses, so I’m wondering what is up with that.

I called my attorney, but haven’t received a call back. I think I’m just going to fill out the paperwork, send it in and see what happens. Of course, I won’t do any of this without doing considerable research at the state child support website. Then, if the modification that comes back is unacceptable, I will contest the heck out of it.

But, it is just one more thing to deal with in an increasing list of issues mounting up. To add to the boiling cauldron of simmering stress, in the next week, I will begin radiation treatments. My Evil Ex is fully aware that I have cancer and have been dealing with treatments. I believe he picked this time intentionally, probably at the behest of his wife. This is an evil thing to do at an evil time, which is one reason among a multitude of reasons,why I call him the Evil Ex. If you were to ask him, he’d call himself a Christian; a big part of the problem, I’m guessing. He’s literally insane. Not because he calls himself a Christian, but because he is truly evil and thinks that all he has to do is say “God Bless” and he’s golden. Personally, I just wonder if he isn’t just giving Jesus a bad name.

Clearly, The EE is up to something dastardly and all I can do right now is sit tight and wait it out.

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