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April: 30 Nights of Blogging?

It’s April and over at Blogher, there is a challenge to blog every day during the month of April. This month’s emphasis is poetry, because it is National Poetry Month. Right. I suck at writing poetry. the every day for the month thing is also going to be a challenge because, for me, on this blog that means writing when I should be sleeping. Like the complete idiot and blog addict that I am, I jumped on this bandwagon. Let’s see how long it is before I completely meltdown due to lack of sleep then lose my day job. This ought to be tons of fun.

Like I said I suck at poetry, but I’m going to venture out there anyway with the lazy (or uninspired? or untalented? or tired?) kid’s poem; the acrostic. Yes, just as creatively, I’m using the word April.

April is a month of
Rain, beauty, and
Increasing sunshine
Luring me toward summer.

Like I said, lazy, uninspired, clearly lacking in talent…but tonight’s post is done!

I challenge you to better this attempt. It really shouldn’t be that tough and should take two seconds. Post a comment here with your own April acrostic or post it on your blog and link back to me. Either way, I’ll know I’m not talking to myself or it will become dreadfully apparent that I am. if you link back to me or if you comment I’ll follow you home and check out your blog too.

Happy NaBloPoMo April.

Oh, and for the record, I hate April Fool’s. Years of being way too gullible have traumatized me

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