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If You Want Dates, Avoid This

2013-02-19 19.58.46After plowing through online dating profiles, you’ve finally found one, or two, that you might actually be interested in meeting. You initiate, she responds favorably. Within a few messages back and forth, numbers are exchanged. Soon a phone conversation or two transpires. You are more certain than ever that you’d like to meet this person. So, you take the plunge, call her up or text her and ask her if she’d like to meet up this evening at a local outdoor patio/pub/restaurant you both know of. She says she’d love to but she’s made other plans. Okay, that’s fair. So a few days later, you call her up, ask again, and you are turned down again. “Hmmm,” you wonder. So you try a third time. Same story. You’d chalk all this up to the realization that maybe this woman really just has no interest in meeting up with you, except for the haunting truth that this is not the only woman that this very scenario has played out with. You’re beginning to notice a pattern, and the pattern is one of you being refused. Let’s assume that the woman actually would like to meet you, or you have no indication otherwise, what could be the reason for being turned down? I think I might have the answer.

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