2:00 a.m. Laundry

I’m up doing laundry at 2:00 a.m. Yep. This is a first for me. The truth is, I am not really up just because of the laundry. The crazy cats are tearing around the house like mad, keeping me up. Why, in all of the 1800+ square feet they have to roam here, they choose to cavort in my room and on my bed in the middle of the night, I do not know. I figured since I was up, I may as well do laundry. After all, I only have about three or four loads left. Then I can take my wet laundry down to the corner laundromat at 6:00 a.m. to dry it all.

That’s right, to dry it, because the latest greatest thing that happened is my dryer stopped drying. It still tumbles. No heat. I looked on YouTube to see if there was a DIY video for this repair. There was. It seemed pretty straightforward until I tried it. Problem Number One: my one and only flathead screwdriver must have left with The Gone Non-Boyfriend. Problem Number Two: I couldn’t go any further without the flathead screwdriver. I gave up.

As things always happen when dryers go out, mine went with a load of wet clothing in it and another one waiting to dry. I have $300 left to feed a family of four for the month, and this money must also cover any gas expense which might occur. I have no money to call the repairman. He’ll immediately charge me $50 to show up and then repair charges will be assessed on top of that. This could potentially clean me out (no pun intended).

When we moved into our place last year, we marveled at how everything was now within walking distance of our home. Grocery store, post office, shopping center with Pizza Place, liquor store, bank, fitness center, coffee shops, breakfast cafes, etc. I can even walk to work, though, admittedly, it might take me twenty minutes. (We also marvel at how we hear so little of the street noise from our house.)

One of the conveniences of this new location is the full laundromat that is also within a five-minute walk of my home. Of course, it is rather difficult to pack ten loads of wet laundry on foot, so I fire up the Red Gas Guzzler for this. The laundromat is clean, has loads of machines, has a change machine that will change up to $20, and a very friendly owner and clientele. I went there to dry my clothes last Sunday. I had four loads, some of them towels and things. It took me 30 minutes to dry and fold all our things and it cost me three dollars.

That’s not a bad deal.

It does mean I have to wash all my laundry at once. It is a little bit of a hassle loading the baskets of wet laundry down the stairs and into the car, but it sure was quick and fairly painless otherwise. I probably won’t consider this a viable long term solution to my laundry problem, but it should help me make it through the month until I can actually pay for a repairman without having to starve my family.

Only three and a half weeks left.

About Miz Insomniac

Usually, it's the kids who grow up and leave home, but Miz Insomniac switched it up. When her kids grew up she decided to make her dreams come true so she flew the nest. After making 12 trips across the pond and back to Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East in 2014-15, Miz Insomniac now qualifies as a world traveler. She hasn't quite mastered the fine art of traveling light, but she knows how to manipulate travel plans to avoid missed flights and jet lag. A former hopeless romantic turned realist, she's stateside now reinventing her life in a new city, with new opportunities, and all the challenges that come with leaving a career, traveling abroad for a year, and then returning to a world that's nothing like she left it. Her overseas travel is by no means over, it's just not as frequent. She's different now, but remains a night owl. She writes when she should be sleeping...and while you probably are.

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